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Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Heather Does

Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Heather Does

“You don’t have to figure it out in one day.” This is the advice I give all my clients. Whether they are settling into a new community or launching into a new career, it takes time. It feels overwhelming at first, but if they take it step by step, they’ll see progress in no time. I want them to enjoy the process.

I have served as a bilingual Career Coach for eight years, and I love interacting with my clients! As an extrovert, my profession is perfect for me. I meet people from all walks of life. The key to unlocking their potential is being a positive and dedicated leader who is committed to guiding them through the major changes in their life and career. I love hearing when they have found the perfect community or the right job. It is rewarding to know they feel at home again.

My career has led me from teaching Spanish and managing retail to developing business opportunities and researching community information. Before becoming a Career Coach, I attended multiple needs assessments and coaching calls so I could translate for Spanish-speaking clients. This sparked an interest in coaching so I expressed my desire to my manager. A skills assessment revealed coaching was a natural fit for me and I made the career transition. Now I provide bilingual coaching services for clients relocating to the United States.

My specialty is interviewing. I enjoy coaching clients to craft effective responses and understand how to answer behavioral questions. I remind them to bring their enthusiasm and personality to the interview. That is what will leave a mark on the interviewers.

Spanish is a passion of mine. I became interested in the language right before college. My two high school Spanish teachers made the language interesting, and they encouraged me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in it. After completing a rigorous testing and application process, I was selected as one of 30 students in the whole state of Indiana to study abroad in Valencia, Spain. I lived with my teacher’s relatives while I was there. My teacher visited me during that time. I loved experiencing her home country, language, and culture with her. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life!

As a Midwest native, I grew up in Indiana – the metropolitan area of Chicago. Now I call St. Louis home. I have four brothers so there aren’t many sports I can’t play. I took an interest in bowling at the age of three. I’m proud to share I have bowled two 300 games. In college, I bowled in the televised TNN’s Rocking Bowl with my college team. There are YouTube videos to prove it!

Contribution by Heather Eller

Heather Eller is a bilingual Career/Transition Coach at IMPACT Group with extensive experience in the career transition industry. Her specialties include career coaching, integration assistance, global research, and interview coaching. Connect with Heather on LinkedIn today!

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