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Finding Joy during an Overwhelming Career Transition

Finding Joy during an Overwhelming Career Transition

Career transitions and life transitions, such as moving, are a common occurrence. There are the ones you plan for, like getting married or having a baby. They require a lot of readjusting, but you have time to prepare for them and anticipate the changes that are ahead.

And then there are the ones you don’t plan for, such as a divorce or the death of a loved one. Despite not wanting to go through a life-altering transition like this, you have to work through the pain to find a path toward healing.

Moving to a new country can feel like one of these unplanned transitions. You will experience feelings of loss as you say goodbye to loved ones and the country you were living in. You will need to give up your routines, comforts, and joys to forge into the unknown.

As exciting as this can be, it’s also overwhelming for most relocating families. You may find yourself thinking, “Why did I do this?”

Change forces you to grow outside of your comfort zone – sometimes very uncomfortably.

While you make the career transition and relocate to your new country, the things that used to be “normal” or motivating can suddenly feel stressful and daunting. You might not feel like yourself anymore since so many areas of your life have changed.

This growth process does not have to be a completely unpleasant experience, however. It can be a time when you assess the small things in life that bring a smile to your face no matter what. It can be a time to re-prioritise what matters most to you.

Determine small ways to bring joy into your day.

During your journey, make time each day to ask yourself, “What can I do today that will make me happy?” If I were to answer this, I can tell you without hesitating that I absolutely love my first skinny latte in the morning! I have tried to take it black without milk, as it is “less caloric and healthier.” But I quickly realised that my skinny latte with the perfect dosage of coffee and milk is the taste I like and helps my day get started.

A small treat like this can change your whole day. Focusing on a small joy amidst the chaos that may be going on around you has the power to calm your mind and help you feel energised. These acts of self-care are very important during each stage of the relocation. Many things will be out of your control right now, so enjoying the peace you experience while doing the joyful act will be very beneficial.

Moving is a daunting task. And yes, you will find yourself needing to handle a million little (and some not so little) details that may threaten to overwhelm you and make you regret your decision. But remember to keep looking at the big picture and the positive side of what you are doing. And find little joys in each day.

What little joys can you create in your routine that will help your transition?

Contribution by Tracy Kautzmann.

Tracy is the Director of Global Client Relations at IMPACT Group. She enjoys identifying challenges and solving issues that hinder growth as organizations strive to improve the future state of their business. Having lived in eight countries and relocated a total of 17 times, Tracy considers herself a global nomad. She is passionate about empowering others to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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