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Food & Drink International Feature: Turnover Tide

Food & Drink International Feature: Turnover Tide How to avoid the top-four turnover traps and retain employees.

What is your employee retention rate for 2016? Are you proud to share the number? As job opportunities increase and the market favors employees, more resignation slips may come across your desk than you’re comfortable with.

The number of voluntary quits in 2015 was higher than it has been since the start of the recession in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pair this with Gallup’s 2015 finding that roughly two out of every three employees are not engaged, and you have a recipe for high turnover in the ranks.

Most organizations use exit interviews as a part of the voluntary turnover process. Although these are helpful for tracking trends, analyzing data, and pinpointing areas of improvement, waiting until your employee is headed out the door to find out why he is leaving may not be the most proactive approach. To get in front of these issues, focus on the root causes that are likely impacting engagement and retention in your organization…

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