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Getting Your Top Choice Candidates to Accept a Move

Getting Your Top Choice Candidates to Accept a Move

“How would you feel about relocating to [insert city here]?” This can be a challenging question for HR professionals to address with seasoned employees considering a promotion or a new role outside of their current office. But it can be even more challenging for recruiters to truly evaluate with their top-choice external candidates.

Prospective job seekers are already weighing the risks and potential rewards of a new position and a new employer. Adding the burden of a new city to the mix could become overwhelming and cause the candidate to reject the offer outright. Or worse, the candidate could be so eager to get the job that they don’t assess their readiness to move until it’s too late.

Getting top-choice candidates to accept a move−and stay with the company−is critical to any recruiter’s long-term success. And with good reason! According to Inc. magazine, the cost of employee turnover can run as high as 150% of the employee’s salary. This cost doesn’t even include untracked costs associated with the household and emotional toll. Factor in the internal losses of time, knowledge and productivity when relocation fails and the expenses skyrocket to $200,000plus, not to mention costs involved in restarting the process with a completely new batch of replacement candidates!

There is hope… Recruiters can gauge a candidate’s mobility readiness before putting an offer on the table. Pioneered by IMPACT Group, the Mobility Decision Assistance Program combines an online self-assessment with one-on-one coaching and research for candidates. It is specifically designed to ensure that companies are hiring or moving the right people at the right time, as well as help candidates evaluate the important family, lifestyle and career concerns of a proposed relocation or job offer.

Pre-decision policies that include confidential assessment, research and coaching strengthen succession planning efforts, increase the chances of retaining high-potentials and help to motivate first-choice candidates – all working to increase your return on investment. Data shows that 35% of new hires are opposed or undecided about a relocation prior to receiving support. (Singles are typically more receptive, whereas families are closer to 39% unsure or opposed.) Yet, these same employees averaged an over 80% acceptance rate after utilizing the Mobility Decision Assistance Program from IMPACT Group.

Gauge future intent of mobility readiness among your top-choice candidates so that when the time comes, you know the person that you hire will be ready for the move! Contact us today to learn more.

Contribution by Vicki Prasch

Vicki is a Transition Consultant at IMPACT Group, providing individualized career and acclimation support for relocating families. She is passionate about empowering individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to succeed.Connect with her on LinkedIn today.

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