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Google That!

Google That!

Have a question? Google it! That’s how most people find the answer with today’s on the go technologies. So in the age of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, is there still a need for professional research assistance?

Consider a family moving from Anaheim, California to a small town like Sandstone, Minnesota. A quick Google search might not turn up much for yoga classes, Mexican restaurants and dog parks. What about which schools in the area have the best student to teacher ratios or what surrounding towns boast the lowest crime rates? How can a family make an informed decision – particularly when they already have so many other demands on their time during the relocation?

As easy as it is to just “Google it,” the bottomless pit of data available online isn’t always useful or easy to digest. So how can families more efficiently manage their move?

Professional research from IMPACT Group can provide on-demand information for relocating families. Our research team utilizes proprietary subscription databases to uncover the most recent and accurate information on top subjects, like neighborhood demographic information, physician referrals and daycare reviews. Oftentimes, we are also able to provide information on topics having to do with religion or ethnicity that real estate agents are legally prohibited from discussing. But what else have we been asked? Try finding the fluoride levels in the local water supply or regulations on bringing house plants into California without our professional help!

Beyond the online search, our researchers may also provide phone verification to ensure the results received are accurate. For instance, verifying costs for an upcoming junior football camp or times for the local top-rated kickboxing classes.

Information is a key part of any successful relocation. Our research team fields requests daily from families on the move in a proven process that helps them save time and reduce stress. And because the family is able to integrate more quickly into the new location, the new employee is less distracted with family issues – a consistently top-ranking cause of relocation failure and a constraint to full productivity when starting a new position in a new location.

Despite the many search engines available online, there still significant value in offering professional research assistance to your relocating employees. For your upcoming mobility programs, consider relying upon the professionals “rated #1 in transferee satisfaction” − Google that!

Contribution by Vicki Prasch

Vicki is a Transition Consultant at IMPACT Group, providing individualized career and acclimation support for relocating families. She is passionate about empowering individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to succeed.Connect with her on LinkedIn today.

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