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Inspiring International Women Who #PressforProgress

Inspiring International Women Who #PressforProgress

On International Women’s Day, IMPACT Group is proud to be part of a growing movement to increase gender parity in the workplace. We are honored to not only employ 119 women around the world, but also empower rising global female leaders as they develop the key skills, confidence, and business acumen needed to advance their career. Our Women in Leadership program focuses on accelerating growth to break down barriers and increase the number of women in leadership roles.

IMPACT Group will continue to #PressforProgress in order for women across all industries and in all countries to receive the opportunities they deserve. Seeing our program participants drive for success has a profound impact on our organization. Here is how they make a memorable impression on the professional coaches who support them.


What inspires you about the diverse global women you coach?

“They are unique, from different countries, yet have similarities as well. They are all smart, determined, excited to learn, eager to improve themselves, and focused on their career. They are embracing the Women in Leadership program and taking the opportunity to grow and develop.”
Caroline van den Bogaard, Leadership & Development Coach based in the Netherlands

“Their resilience inspires me because many of them have already broken through a few barriers to get to where they are.”
Shabih Zaidi, Leadership & Development Coach based in Switzerland

“They are very open minded and curious to learn and investigate their personal development. They are hardworking and interested in being an inspiring leader for others.”
Helle Praestensgaard, Leadership & Development Coach based in Denmark

“I’m impressed by the fact that they speak many different languages.”
Lilly SitzlerSpicher, Leadership & Development Coach based in Switzerland


What advise do you have for young women at the start of their career?

“Speak up. Let others know what you want. Nobody can read your mind. Be ambitious. Engage with a coach who can help you develop and maximize your performance.”
Helle Praestensgaard

“Find a good mentor, seek out learning experiences, and accept failure as a part of growth!”
Caroline van den Bogaard

“Believe your uniqueness is your strength.”
Shabih Zaidi

“Follow your true life purpose!”
Lilly SitzlerSpicher


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