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Is Your Office Culture as Cool as You Think?

Is Your Office Culture as Cool as You Think?

You bring in bagels once a week, you raffle off prime parking spots monthly and your employees are always smiling when you walk by. Your office is cool, right? Or is it?

As Vick Vaishnarvi shares at Forbes, workplace culture is a reflection of a company’s passions, heart and desires, and your culture can make it or break it for some employees. There are endless ways to make sure your employees are engaged – from encouraging professional development via specialized workshops to coordinating bowling leagues and softball teams.

Or you can step up your game even more and take a few tips from companies on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. Their perks are outside the norm – competitive benefits, 401(k) match, dental programs… yawn – yet they are also realistic for companies looking to score cool points with their 9-5ers.


Google proudly boasts its in-house cafeteria and offers free (yes, free!) onsite haircuts. The tech giant also donates $50 for every five hours an employee volunteers. Now that’s a great way to make an impact inside and outside your office walls.


Employee incentives for gym memberships, swimming lessons and basketball-league fees make Intuit cool in their employees’ eyes. They also encourage some new hires to spend their first month simply getting to know the office without deadlines for specific assignments. Talk about a nice honeymoon period!

Kimely-Horn and Associates

Believe it or not, you may need to appoint a VP of Fun. Each office at Kimely-Horn and Associates has a designated VP of Fun, who coordinates silly competitions and social events for employees. Do you already have someone in mind for this title?

NuStar Energy

Ever thought about footing the bill to pay 100% of health care premiums for employees and family members? NuStar Energy found a way for it to work at their company. As job satisfaction goes up, these happy employees aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits.


Hilcorp makes a difference beyond just their employees’ futures by offering college scholarships for children of staff members (up to $5,000 per year). What a great way to maintain a positive outlook on the future of the organization, as well the future of business.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

At this hotel and restaurant chain, a job well done is rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed for paid days off, gift certificates and TVs, among other things. Employees at Kimpton know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Baker Donelson

What makes employees so happy at this 126-year-old law firm? A leader who is willing to go against the norm to do what is right, including having a dedicated pro bono attorney on staff to help the underserved. A positive office culture isn’t all about what’s in it for your employees. It is also influenced by the core values the company upholds and the confidence employees have in their leadership team.

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Want to brew a “cool” potion? Then jump on the bandwagon with this company and build a Haunted House at your office. After the annual event, Allianz donates the proceeds to Toys for Tots.

Marriott International

Putting in the time and effort to develop your team not only results in a powerful succession pipeline, but also gives employees peace of mind that you care about their long-term careers. More than 50% of Marriott’s managers started at the company as hourly associates. That’s one way to maximize your recruitment return on investment.

Whether you’re trying to maintain your cool or hoping to boost employee morale, it all starts with having the right people in the right place at the right time. Engaged employees can create the positive outcomes your company needs to thrive, while also cultivating a dynamic culture that others want to join.

Contribution by Ashlee Ayers.

Ashlee is an IMPACT Group Marketing Content Manager who oversees content planning, develops marketing collateral, and shares IMPACT Group’s story each day. 

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