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KTVI Interview: Job Search Tips During the Holidays

Tempted to put your job search on hold during the holidays? These job search tips say otherwise.

Hiring might slow down a little bit this time of year, but it definitely doesn’t stop.

Lauren Herring, CEO at IMPACT Group, knows what job search tips will help you stay active during the holiday rush. “Successful job seekers set goals. When you’re busy during the holidays, remember to set small and attainable goals to stay active in your search.”

Holiday activities are the perfect time for networking, corporate travel slows down so hiring managers might actual be in the office, and new budgets make it the perfect time to get started in the new year. Discover Lauren’s other holiday tips and tricks in this KTVI interview.

Contribution by Lauren Herring

Lauren Herring is a speaker, author and CEO of IMPACT Group, a business she grew into a global leader in career and leadership development. Lauren’s latest book, Take Control of Your Job Search!, is the new “bible” for job seekers in 2020. A graduate of The University of Notre Dame and Washington University (aka the “Harvard of the Midwest”), her passions include job creation, women in leadership and supporting people reaching for more in their careers through personal development, international relocation assignments and hard work. You can find Lauren’s job search tips at

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