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Enhance Your Leader Development Programs with These Key Trends

Enhance Your Leader Development Programs with These Key Trends

Do your leader development programs align with industry benchmarks and best practices? We asked HR experts to weigh in on top trends they are seeing in 2021. Talent programs are always evolving in order to meet new demands. This study will help you determine how your programs stack up.

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Top Leader Development Program Priorities in the Eyes of HR Experts

We asked survey respondents to rank their leader development program priorities for 2021, with 1 being most important and 7 being least important. Sixty-three percent (63%) of respondents say that helping functional leaders grow into high roles is No. 1, 2, or 3 on their priority list. Similarly, helping leaders take on new roles is a big priority, with 61% ranking this issue among their top three priorities.

If new leader success is the “what,” then coaching is coming into view as the “how.” In fact, 48% of HR leaders plan to expand the use of coaches to develop individuals or teams – especially those working virtually. Along with this, 56% of organizations say that 50% – 100% of their employees will participate in training for non-technical skills this year. HR experts view coaching as an effective development approach and essential to their leader development programs.

Gain further insights into:

  • Leader development program trends & participation rates.
  • Key skills that are a must-have to advance leaders.
  • HR’s perspective on what is needed when developing leadership.
  • Top talent priorities in 2021.

Compare your programs with these industry benchmarks today.

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