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Leadership Development Training Transforms Talent: Case Study

Leadership Development Training Transforms Talent: Case Study

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M.J. Electric’s Dilemma – How to Execute Leadership Development Training 

They needed to invest in their high potentials, but the right approach to leadership development training was hard to agree on by their executive team. While Steve Feira, Vice President of Human Resources at the nationally recognized prime electrical firm, was contemplating what to do for their program, he received a call from IMPACT Group.

“We were ready to invest, but our internal resources didn’t allow us to develop a program on our own,” Steve shares. “Together with IMPACT Group, we conceptualized a program to meet our needs.”

This case study explores the success M.J. Electric has realized since launching their leadership development training program for emerging leaders in 2016. While developing 29 future leaders, the organization has also realized key business returns:

  • Establishment of new business lines through capstone projects
  • Transformation and growth of future leaders who are positioned for senior roles
  • Strengthened culture of diversity and opportunities within a male-dominated industry

“We wouldn’t be successful at developing our talent without this program. It makes us a better company.”
– Steve Feira


Discover the secret to their success while leveraging leadership development training to transform their talent.

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