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Leadership Training Program Delivers Business Results: Q&A Interview

Leadership Training Program Delivers Business Results: Q&A Interview

“We wouldn’t be successful at developing our talent without this leadership training program. It makes us a better company.”
– Steve Feira, VP of HR at M.J. Electric


M.J. Electric was ready to invest in their high potentials, but their leadership team couldn’t land on the right approach. They knew a leadership training program would position them as an employer of choice. The organization is a nationally recognized prime electrical contractor in electric transmission, substation, distribution, and renewable energy. Quanta Services, its parent company, is publicly held and the largest employer of craft skilled labor.

Why did M.J. Electric decide to invest in a leadership training program?

“We were ready to invest in high-potential employees and managers, yet our executive team wasn’t able to agree on an approach. Our internal resources didn’t allow us to develop one inhouse. Our training facility focused on safety and trade standards for union workers, but we needed more. We believe that leadership is a distinguishing factor at our firm. Trade members can decide to work wherever they want, so we need strong leadership so employees want to stay at our organization.

This leadership development issue was on my mind when I received a cold call from IMPACT Group. I view it as fate. It was an eye-opening conversation as IMPACT Group listened to what I wanted to accomplish and discussed how we could build a program together.”

How was your senior management team involved?

“That first year, we were all learning together. Our senior management wasn’t as engaged as they are now. As a result, we didn’t put the right focus on the capstone projects. They were well done, but not as impactful as they needed to be.

Ed Farrington, President of M.J. Electric, talked to the senior team and determined he wanted to make sure the capstone projects moved the needle for the company. With Ed stepping up to take a higher level of involvement in the leadership training program. That created a significant change in the program. He doesn’t do it to micromanage, but rather because he wants to be involved and provide insights. In turn, those projects now make us a better company.”


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