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Making an IMPACT

Making an IMPACT

We live by our mission to make a positive impact one relationship at a time. Here’s an example of one of our coaching programs where we are living that mission and positively impacting our client’s business results at the same time.

Meet Caroline. She is a hard working accountant looking to make a difference at her company and to continue to move up in her career. At her Global 500 company, like so many others, changing workforce populations mean fast approaching challenges in leadership alignment with long-term organizational goals. Facing the potential for a scarcity in high-quality talent head on requires thinking about development beyond the C-suite, to high-potential individual contributors, like Caroline.

Beginning her journey in early 2013, Caroline excitedly entered the “Leaders of Tomorrow” program along with 17 of her high-potential colleagues from across the country, and IMPACT Group’s Talent Alliance coaching program was core to this process. Looking to build the effective communication and influencing skills necessary for the next step in her career, Caroline focused her efforts on improving her ability to lead, motivate and resolve conflicts within teams.

During her six-month coaching program, Caroline created and executed an action plan that would link her development to an organizational objective. Understanding the way we learn by doing, she identified a project opportunity that would leave a measurable business impact on her department − decrease the average days sales outstanding (DSO) and, as a result, lower outstanding accounts receivable in the collection division.

With the one-on-one guidance of her IMPACT Group coach, Caroline led weekly team meetings and created a forum for dialog that enabled team members to identify, prioritize and align specific tactics with the DSO initiative. During these exchanges, Caroline discovered the preferred communication style of each team member, explored “what’s in it for them,” and incorporated rewards and positive reinforcement into her interactions.

Improvements in her leadership and communication skills were continuously measured by feedback from her manager, as well as surveys conducted with the entire team, showing an increase in her cumulative feedback score.

With momentum from her learnings building month after month, Caroline’s improved relations and weekly check points paid off − literally! The team’s results, under Caroline’s leadership, improved to ultimately reduce the DSO in accounts receivables from 59 days to 56 days, freeing up more than $2.3 million dollars that were tied up in accounts receivable on the balance sheet.

By providing development coaching at the manager and high-potential individual contributor levels through IMPACT Group’s Talent Alliance program, the organization was able to tie development initiatives directly to business results and evaluate a valuable ROI on building leaders throughout the organization.

Upon completing the program, managers of participants also reported positive impacts on business measures, including financials, efficiency, innovation and development of leadership talent. And 100% of managers agreed that participating in the Leaders of Tomorrow program has been time well-spent improving their team member’s value to the company and positively impacting the participant’s potential career opportunity within the company.

But don’t just take our word for it! According to the organization’s Vice President of Human Resources, “We chose IMPACT Group because of their ability to understand our business goals and be flexible to our needs, creating and delivering solutions for our employees and our business that get results. We just didn’t want assessments. And we just didn’t want web-based tools. And we just didn’t want personal coaching. We wanted a way to package it all together and offer it over a period of time so that it really impacted the employee, and IMPACT Group was able to deliver that for us.”

In terms of the business impact, he also shared, “We invited our President and CEO to sit in on the final presentations and about halfway through the program, he simply leaned over to me and said, ‘We’re definitely doing this again next year.’ He really appreciated the value of the program well beyond the ROI numbers.”

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