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Making an IMPACT: On the Move Again!

Making an IMPACT: On the Move Again!

We at IMPACT Group know the summer months bring warm weather, afternoon baseball games, delicious barbecues and families on the move. As we, and you, prepare for the busiest relocation months, let’s take a moment to reflect on the positive impact even a seasoned mover experienced with our services.

Moving overseas for the first time and re-establishing your lifestyle can be stressful for families. However, first-time movers aren’t the only ones who can have trouble adjusting to their new lives. Shelly and her husband were globe-trotting with their family for their seventh relocation when she reached out for IMPACT Group’s support.

Comfortable with the prospect of moving to Ankara, Turkey, Shelly initially sought typical research from IMPACT Group for her children’s hobbies and sports, house care help and nearby American supermarkets. However, she surprised herself as she wondered about the next steps in her professional future. Disappointed in her lack of professional growth while accompanying her husband on past assignments, Shelly was eager to move forward in her career but unclear about options in Ankara.

Quickly taking the lead, Shelly’s IMPACT Group career coach helped her develop an action plan. Shelly had previously been a newspaper journalist, but wanted something less stressful in her next job. She anticipated a future transfer and desired a position that would enable her to work remotely. After walking Shelly through a self-assessment and brainstorm session, Shelly and her coach determined manuscript writing and editing would be a good fit. Shelly’s coach also provided customized market research, professional CV development and entrepreneurial assistance to establish her presence in Turkey.

Before her program’s end, Shelly was well on her way to achieving her career goals! She finished her first screenplay, began a second script and found an agent to pitch it to several Hollywood studios. Admittedly, Shelly had initial concerns about needing IMPACT Group’s services due to her extensive relocation background, but she is now fully convinced that her relocation services were more than worth her while!

This story is just one among many that highlight IMPACT Group’s high-quality results in helping individuals on the move get settled into their new homes faster. To learn more about how we can help your relocating employees, contact us today!

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