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Mobility Disruptor #1: Top Talent Says “NO!” to a Relocation

Securing talent is hard right now. Not only do a large portion of companies have employees decline relocations, hiring new talent in general is increasingly difficult.

2/3rds of companies had employees decline relocations in 20161
40% of hiring managers report difficulties hiring2
46% struggle to find available talent2

This makes it extra hard on talent acquisition and mobility professionals who are seeking to find the best candidates for domestic and international relocations. In fact, talent is often not aligned with mobility needs, leading to gaps in assignment readiness. Seventy-three percent of companies say they lack a pool of ready and willing candidates for international assignments.3 Are you having these conversations with your own talent to determine their readiness? Do you know what makes them hesitate?

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12017 Atlas Van Line Corporate Relocation Survey

2Employers are Facing the Worst Talent Shortage Since 2007,, 2016

32016 Global Mobility Trends Survey, Brookfield Global Relocation Services

Contribution by Lauren Herring

Lauren is CEO of IMPACT Group and the author of This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation. She passionately leads the organization to empower employees and families during times of transition across the globe. Lauren is committed to living out our company’s mission “to make a positive impact, one relationship at a time.” She serves on the Board of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, COCA (the Center of Creative Arts), Junior Achievement and Connections to Success.

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