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New Year, New Profile! 7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Profiles

New Year, New Profile! 7 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Profiles

According to LinkedIn, millions of their users start off the new year taking new steps in their professional journey.* They do this by either learning a new skill or searching for a new job. Considering this, it makes sense that now is the perfect time to “refresh” your LinkedIn profile, as well as any other social media accounts you have.

You and your career have likely evolved in the past year! Taking a good look at your social profile details will give you a chance to update your skills, profile pictures, and experience. Below are some basic tips on how to freshen up your online social profiles:

1. To make things easier on yourself, use the same social profile picture on all your social media accounts.

This makes it much easier for someone to identify you when they are looking. And, if you can, make sure the name you use matches across all your profiles.

2. Did you take any new courses last year?

Get any new certifications? Learn any new technologies? Add these to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Review your skills list on LinkedIn.

Chances are you have new ones or perhaps you have strengthened some more than others. Highlight your strongest skills by making them the first three on your list.

4. Since you have changed over the past year, your personal brand could probably use an update too.

It could be time to rewrite your headline and LinkedIn summary. Remember to check your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts you have to make sure all your profiles reflect your updated personal brand.

While writing your brand or summary, look for overused words and business jargon. For instance, the words “specialise” and “motivated” have been on the top ten list of most overused words on LinkedIn for the past few years.** Find alternative phrases or synonyms in place of these words. Read more tips on creating a strong professional brand here.

5. On Facebook, look at the groups you belong to.

Are there some you do not participate in or that do not reflect your personal brand? “Un-join” those groups and keep the ones that are relevant and interesting.

6. There are typical ways for others to send you messages on all social media platforms.

Take time to look through each account profile under your messages and see if you have missed any. Respond to any you have received from your connections or legitimate sources, no matter how long it has been.

7. Cleaning up your lists.

If you have more time to devote to a social media profile refresh, you may even scroll through your list of contacts and “friends” to delete the individuals who are no longer relevant or who you no longer wish to be connected to. You can also download a special app to delete old posts. While these can be time-consuming tasks, they will help to give your profile a fresh look.

A new year and a new you deserve a new presence on social media!

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Contribution by Jill Jassmann-Sharlock.

Jill is an IMPACT Group Global Research and Projects Team Lead who focuses on the unique information needs of global transferees. She also serves as IMPACT Group’s Global myIMPACT Specialist, managing content for our global job search and career portal.

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