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New York! Los Angeles! Topeka? Getting Employees to Accept a Move

New York! Los Angeles! Topeka? Getting Employees to Accept a Move

Are your employees and recent hires balking at the opportunity to move to an office in Topeka, Kansas, or a manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio?

Not every move is as thrilling to imagine as it might be for destinations like New York City, Los Angeles or Seattle, but with the right assistance you can ensure employees sees what’s truly appealing about any location.

Turn the tables on a small city or remote locale by helping your employees determine what their most important lifestyle factors are when making the choice to move. Then provide them with the research support to show how they may be able to meet their needs in the new location and ease their concerns about fitting in.

Pioneered by IMPACT Group, Relocation Decision Assistance combines a thorough needs assessment, one-on-one coaching and detailed research to help relocating employees address their needs and concerns regarding the move. It is specifically designed to ensure that companies are hiring or moving the right people at the right time, as well as to help candidates evaluate the important family, lifestyle and career concerns of a proposed relocation or assignment. Our program enables recruiters and hiring managers to gauge future intent of relocation readiness so that, when the time comes, you know the person that you hire will be ready for the assignment.

Even though Deadwood, South Dakota, doesn’t have Times Square and Spring Lake, Indiana, doesn’t boast ocean views, a needs assessment paired with tailored coaching and research can help your employees uncover the hidden gems the proposed location has to offer. Learn more about Relocation Decision Assistance by clicking here.

Contribution by Ashlee Ayers.

Ashlee is an IMPACT Group Marketing Content Manager who oversees content planning, develops marketing collateral, and shares IMPACT Group’s story each day. 

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