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November Holidays You May Not be Familiar With

November Holidays You May Not be Familiar With

As we enter the holiday season, here are a few special days celebrated across the globe in November.

1. Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Birthday – Taiwan
This day is observed as a non-official holiday in Taiwan and is marked with speeches from authority figures in China and Taiwan. The first president of the Chinese Republic, Sun Yat-Sen, was a Chinese nationalist leader. He was in exile from 1895–1911 and is known for his “three principles of the people”: nationalism, democracy, and prosperity.

2. King’s Birthday – Belgium
This day is also known as ‘Dynasty Day’, or the ‘Feast of the Dynasty’. The feast was first celebrated in honour of King Leopold I (1790-1865) who was the first monarch of Belgium following its independence from the Netherlands in 1831. Whilst this day is not a national holiday, most government offices are closed. An interesting fact: on this day the King and the Queen do not actually attend the King’s Feast! Custom states they should not be seen to celebrate themselves. Other members of the royal family attend in their place.

3. Peace Day – Ivory Coast
This day is celebrated with many speeches from authority figures and flags being hung around the Cote D’Ivorie. It comes from a recent 1999 coup organized by military officers when General Guei took power. This resulted in a public uprising during the next presidential elections, with a civil war breaking out in the 2012. The holiday Peace Day was created to promote peace throughout the region.

4. Proclamation of the Republic – Brazil
Also known as Republic Day in Brazil, this day celebrates the commemoration of the end of the Empire of Brazil and the proclamation of Brazil as a republic on November 15, 1889. This public holiday is celebrated with flag hoisting and social gatherings.

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