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Plan It Out: 4 Ways to Get Organized Before You Get Moving

Plan It Out: 4 Ways to Get Organized Before You Get Moving You’ve set your priorities, involved your family, and hopefully had time to get excited about what your future holds. It’s time to start planning how you will get from point A to point B as efficiently – and happily – as possible. 

Lack of organization can cause serious problems during a relocation. From having no electricity in your new home to maxing out a moving truck – with half of your possessions still in your house – things can quickly go wrong. In our years of experience, we’ve discovered the big move requires careful planning and execution. 

1. Make Your Calendar Your Best Friend 
If you have a few weeks or a few months to make your move, a solid timeline is your best friend. Visualize your move. Mark your move date on a calendar and cross out the days you are unavailable to work on moving. Envision how much time you have to do tasks. Display your calendar in a prominent place in your home to keep it top of mind.

2. Create a Control Center
Digital or physical, you will need a control center to track all of your important records. From a Moving Checklist to receipts to phone numbers, you’ll save valuable time by centralizing where these documents are stored. Even if you mostly manage your move online, there will inevitably be items and papers related to the move that you simply don’t want to lose.  

3. Designate a Safe Box for Valuables 
It is easy for valuable documents to get displaced in all the shuffling. Set aside a shoe box or locked box for your birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, insurance documents, etc. Be sure you know where the box is at all times during the move. 

4. Prepare Special Boxes for Each Family Member 
Each member of your family will likely have prized possessions they want to keep close at hand. Create a special box to store these items. For kids, this may be a stuffed animal. For adults, it may be a favorite job interview ensemble. The boxes should be transported with you on Moving Day.  

Now that you’re organized, it’s time to get moving! Download the interactive Moving Checklistfrom This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation for a detailed timeline of what needs to happen when. It will have your relocation moving forward in a snap.

Contribution by Lauren Herring

Lauren Herring is a speaker, author and CEO of IMPACT Group, a business she grew into a global leader in career and leadership development. Lauren’s latest book, Take Control of Your Job Search!, is the new “bible” for job seekers in 2020. A graduate of The University of Notre Dame and Washington University (aka the “Harvard of the Midwest”), her passions include job creation, women in leadership and supporting people reaching for more in their careers through personal development, international relocation assignments and hard work. You can find Lauren’s job search tips at

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