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Pro Code #23: Taking a Bite of Humble Pie

Pro Code #23: Taking a Bite of Humble Pie

Your stomach is in knots. You wish you could turn back the clock and have a do-over. Unfortunately, the truth is, you made a mistake, shared something told in confidence, or acted inappropriately. Now it’s time to make things right so your team can trust you again.

Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone handles them like a pro. If you’re abiding by the Pro Code, take heed of #23: “If a mistake is made, swallow your pride, along with a big slice of humble pie, and apologize.”

The right way to rebuild your reputation after a screw up is communicating sincere regret and the intent to make it right with your team. Keep in mind, regaining your employees’ trust is going to have to start with you, as the leader. The worst thing you can do is pretend like it didn’t happen or shift the blame to someone else.

Humble pie is an acquired taste, but a willingness to eat your words and act with integrity moving forward can be the nourishment that produces a leader with great character.

Contribution by Ashlee Ayers.

Ashlee is an IMPACT Group Marketing Content Manager who oversees content planning, develops marketing collateral, and shares IMPACT Group’s story each day. 

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