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Pro Code #31: Don’t Let Your Employee Engagement Plan Gather Dust

Pro Code #31: Don’t Let Your Employee Engagement Plan Gather Dust Only 32% of employees are engaged at work!* Are you responsible for their lack of motivation? One way to extinguish their fire is to take a survey of their engagement…then follow up with crickets. 

Keep your office from becoming stagnant by learning from Pro Code #31: “Do something with your employee engagement survey results.”

Follow through is key.  Don’t ask employees about things that can’t be changed or aren’t willing to change. Don’t skew the questions to get the answers you want. It’s more productive for you and your employees to be raw and honest. 

Determine what your goals are for gathering the information, and clearly communicate this plan to your company. Create a strategy for reporting the results to leadership and employees. Develop a set timeline for gathering, categorizing, and analyzing the results. Transparency during the process will let your team know you are invested in their input.  

And above all else – follow through! Failing to address key trends or themes might lead to negative feelings that tarnish your relationship with employees, affect how they perceive the company, and determine how hard they are willing to work. No pressure, or anything. 

Bottom line: If you expect employees to take the time to complete an engagement survey, take the time to effectively address the results – however positive or negative they may be. Employee engagement is vital to any organization. Do everything you can to boost it. 

Another tip? Take a genuine interest in your team members. See how well Pro Code #96 does at increasing engagement. 

*Gallup, Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015

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