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Pro Code #32: Give Your Employer Brand a Hand

Your company brand says a lot about you, but your employer brand is just as important. This flourishes – or tarnishes – based on how you treat your most valuable commodity: your people. 

What exactly is your employer brand? It is the overall feeling employees and potential employees have when considering if your company is a great place to work. This is affected by everything from your mission statement to your benefit package to your closed-door conversations. 

Is your brand something employees are attracted to? Or are you struggling to recruit and retain the right key players? It might be time to think about Pro Code #32: Take care of your talent to take care of your brand.

The forecast for 2017 is job-hopping heaven for employees. It’s no wonder 40% of companies believe one of the top HR pressures is “building or sustaining a positive, thriving corporate culture to appeal to everyone involved.”* This culture and brand goes a long way in determining if your current staff will stay with you, and if newcomers will consider you. 

LinkedIn backs this up by reporting that 59% of companies are investing more in their employer brand compared to the prior year.** Clearly employer brand matters. 

Turn a stale brand around with these quick tips: 
  • Create an environment where employees are heard and supported. 
  • Keep a close eye on employee-manager relationships (after all, they are the #1 factor in determining if an employee will split). 
  • Delegate challenging assignments to high potentials to nurture them for future roles within your company. 
  • Consider the human aspect of big decisions and how they cascade down to your talent. 

Bottom line: Take care of them to in turn take care of your company. By putting your people first, you will increase engagement and productivity while building your reputation as an employer of choice. 

Ready to make it happen? Check out Pro Code #98 to increase your team’s exposure.

*“Support Departing Employees and Your Brand with Outplacement,” Aberdeen Group 
** Global Recruiting Trends 2016, LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Insights

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