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Pro Code #37: Nothing is Set in Stone

Pro Code #37: Nothing is Set in Stone

Organizations change, people change and, inevitably, jobs change. Ensure your department has the right resources for success. Keep job descriptions up to date with Pro Code #37:

“If your department has turnover, don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Make sure job descriptions are never set in stone.”

Developing strong job descriptions is critical to your recruitment and training efforts, as well as to creating appropriate comp packages for new employees. Often, once hiring is complete, many leaders fail to update the description as needs change. An accurate view of responsibilities makes it simpler to track employee goals and team performance.

Establishing competitive benchmarks within your team starts with understanding the duties of each position. Get feedback from each of your team members today to build a clear picture of success for the future.

How often should job descriptions be reviewed and revised? See Pro Code #44.

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