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Pro Code #48: Heading to a Conference?

Pro Code #48: Heading to a Conference?

Never underestimate the professional and personal value you can achieve from attending a conference, networking event or trade show. This is especially true if you read up on Pro Code #48 before heading out.,

“There is an art to effectively attending an event. Whether you’re Michelangelo or Picasso, you can paint a positive picture for your future by planning ahead, resting up and maximizing stress-free resources.”

Plan ahead. Layout the conference guide and visit the event website. Familiarize yourself with the floor plan and exhibitor’s hall. Know which client and prospective companies will be represented and who you are considered your must visits. Are they close together or on opposite ends of the hall? If you can’t go to them all, find informal opportunities to make a connection, like happy hours or in between education sessions.

Rest up. Conferences are one of the best places to build relationships, problem solve and exchange ideas with other like-minded professionals. But staying sharp means you’ll need to go beyond saying hello. And the conference will require much more walking, talking and attention than you’re used to. To prepare, get a good night’s sleep and don’t compromise your breakfasts. Also, stock up on small packages of fruits, nuts and bottled water to renew your energy throughout the day.

Streamline stress-free tools. Be smart and use your smart phone. Ditch the notebooks and folders that can weigh you down. Instead, rely on easy-to-use phone or tablet programs specifically designed for contact management and file transfers, like Dropbox, Simplenote and Fantastical. Also take advantage of calendar features to remind you when to be at special sessions.

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