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Pro Code #55: There Are No Bad Employees

Pro Code #55: There Are No Bad Employees

What an idiot! Who promoted him? A monkey could do a better job! If you’ve heard phrases like these floating around your office, maybe you should consider who hired the employee in question, because according to Pro Code #55, “There are no bad employees, only bad hiring decisions.”

An employee’s long-term fit with your company depends on several factors that should be uncovered during the hiring process. Does his background and skills match up with the job requirements? Will he make a good cultural fit with the philosophies and mission of the company? Are there any work-life balance conflicts that should be considered, such as time-intensive hobbies? If these questions were not considered during the interview process, an underperforming employee shouldn’t be regarded as a failure himself, but as management’s failure.

Beginning with these critical factors and then filling in education and other experiences will ensure your new hires make a solid contribution to the company and perform beyond expectations. Likewise as a leader, it’s up to you to try to repair a “bad fit” before firing and starting the hiring process over again. More on that in Pro Code #76.

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