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Pro Code #66: Talent Terrors Keeping You Up at Night?


Current talent trends are an HR nightmare. Headlines like “talent shortage,” “boomer exodus,” and “waning loyalty” are enough to make employers go batty. Do you fear a dark, downward spiral in retaining killer talent? It’s time to analyze your arsenal of potions and spells to cast away these 3 frightful situations. Summon Pro Code #66: Prepare for the worst…then prepare some more.

1. Scary changes have everyone screeching at the office?

No matter what changes you are brewing up, now is not the time to hide under the bed and leave employees hanging. You must fearlessly guide them down the dark, shadow-filled paths ahead. Honesty is your best defense against a mutiny.

Sure, an honest team player is usually the first to go in a horror movie. Too bad for you. But he/she will keep employees from pitting against one another during fight or flight situations. Properly communicate your survival plan so everyone is on broom – I mean board.

2. Shortages leading to mad witch hunts for new ghouls?

If your talent keeps mysteriously vanishing – and aliens aren’t to blame – it’s time to start an investigation. What does your company offer to attract runaway souls? Will you be a hideout of choice during the zombie apocalypse? A spellbinding employer brand and culture has the bewitching power to hold ghastly ghosts within your walls. It might be time to face the frightful truth and admit yours is doomed.

Keep your office from feeling like a dungeon. Amidst all the doomsday planning, employees need a chance to recharge, utilize their passions, and reload their stash of garlic and wooden stakes. Find ways to make the madness fun and prevent talent from running off into the woods. (Cue werewolf howl.)

3. Team feuds boiling over?

During high-stress thrillers, everyone becomes a suspect. Don’t let teams run amok pointing daggers and wands. Forming allies and planning uprisings won’t do any good either. It’s time to talk about which super power each person brings to the fight. Your emergency plan requires building trust. The sooner team members have each other’s back, the sooner they can keep from being stabbed in the back.

No trust falls needed here. Good old fashion vulnerability will do the trick. Coax team members from their secret hiding places and give them space to voice their concerns. Uniting through bonding increases your chance of survival – and will throw predators off your scent.

Facing talent terrors is enough to keep everyone one edge – and on the defense. Run to Pro Code #99 for help…and hope you make it out alive.

Happy Halloween from IMPACT Group!


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