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Roll Out the Red Carpet During Relocation

Roll Out the Red Carpet During Relocation

It’s red carpet awards season! Your employees play a starring role in maintaining your company’s health, success and growth. So, when you ask them to take on a new role and relocate for the part, you should consider offering relocation support services. Did you know the #1 reason for refusal of relocation is family concerns? You can ensure your talent doesn’t walk off the set and come away a winner by offering family acclimation and partner job search support.

And, as we pay respect to the leading stars and starlets that cross the big (and little) screen, we must take notice of all the supporting, behind-the-scene folks who pave the way for their red carpet success. The folks that provide advice, support, research and guidance when and where they need it most. A local, dedicated career coach prepares each spouse/partner for the job search with an reels of advice, tools and local market knowledge , not to mention help on writing the new job acceptance speech.

Hollywood’s rich and famous don’t have time to research the best doctors , childcare, gyms and more…and neither should your employees. From childcare and dog groomers to doctors and sports leagues, acclimation support serves as the perfect entourage for your employee and their family, locating valuable information and resources around the globe.

Your talent may not end up with an Oscar to display on their bookcase, but when offered Relocation Support Services, they are confident in your commitment to empower them to thrive and grow within your organization.

Don’t let celebrities be the only ones getting special treatment this award season. Instead of questions like “Who are you wearing?” or “What’s your next role?” your employees will be asked, “Who found your movers?” or “How did you settle in so quickly?” by starry-eyed friends and acquaintances in the new area. Ensure your employees confidently walk the red carpet of relocation at your organization.

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