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Selling {Your Company} In an Interview

Selling {Your Company} In an Interview

Do you know what sets your company apart from the competition? Do you know how your brand is perceived? Your messaging should emphasize the positives and counter the weaknesses.

For example, are you a small employer in an out-of-town location competing against larger companies with an attractive metro location? If so, you’ll need to build a brand message that counters this positively: ample parking, less pollution, easier commute, easier location to cycle to and get fit, etc. Be sure to share the perks and benefits of working at your company (i.e. employee benefits, career development opportunities, relocation support, etc.).

Candidates come to an interview in essence to pitch their skills and their willingness to work with your organization. As an employer, you have a similar mandate. You want to sell promising candidates on your company. They should walk away feeling intrigued by your challenges and encouraged by your past achievements.

To do this effectively, you will need to plan and describe your company’s strengths in compelling ways. Sometimes, by asking a few key questions, you can come up with a list of company attributes worth mentioning. These may include positive news, compelling differentiators, short-term growth plans, career development opportunities or success stories. Elevate your company into the ‘employer of choice’ category – where strong candidates gravitate naturally.

The new generation of graduates are not shy about asking companies what they can do for them; so the onus is on you, the interviewer, to sell your organization. Above all, understand the motivation behind every candidate’s career decision. Only then can you sell the job, your team and your company in the best way.

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