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SMART Outplacement: Provide TIMELY Outplacement Service


The faster everyone reaches resolution at the end of a staff reduction, the better!

When you think about how to best support people during a reduction in force, your first ideas may be related to severance packages and COBRA plans. Those are certainly important, and they help your separated employees survive being laid off. But a truly compassionate approach to reducing your staff will help them thrive. That requires more than pencil-pushing and paperwork. If you’re truly interested in helping separated employees move forward, give them TIMELY access to a career coach as part of your SMART outplacement plan.

Job seekers who use search assistance are 2.67x more likely to find a position.*

Effective Outplacement Career Coaching

In today’s technology-driven culture, finding and landing a great new position is a complex process. Gone are the days of paper applications, and in-person, one-on-one interviews are being replaced by panel interviews conducted over Skype. People who haven’t engaged in a job search for a number of years can be easily overwhelmed and discouraged by these changes if left on their own. A career coach can help them navigate the process with confidence.

Effective outplacement career coaching is:

  • Individualized. Separated employees must know they have a dedicated partner to help them through their transition.
  • Personalized. Coaches should be carefully matched with exiting employees based on their unique needs, the coach’s area of specialization and geographic location.
  • Accessible. Coaches should offer real-time assistance, making themselves available to your transitioning employees as needed.
  • Equipped. Needs assessments, skills tests and job leads resources are necessary components of an effective transition plan, and coaches should be experts on how and when to use them.
  • Patient. Transitioning employees should be permitted to navigate the process at their own pace.
  • Resolute. Coaches must be dedicated to providing support and resources until the separated employee has successfully transitioned to a new opportunity.

Utilizing a SMART and compassionate plan for your downsizing will help everyone affected by the news move into a brighter future. From pre-planning and notification day support through career transition assistance for separated employees, IMPACT Group is your step-by-step partner as you reduce your staff. Download our SMART and Compassionate Guide to Reducing Your Staff today!      


*Support Departing Employees and Your Brand with Outplacement, Aberdeen Group


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