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SMART Outplacement: Success is Truly Attainable with Tailored Support

SMART Outplacement: Success is Truly Attainable with Tailored Support


Being let go is brutal. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Rarely will a notification meeting end with, “Thanks, boss. I needed that.”

In the midst of the difficult news, however, separated employees can emerge with tenacity and hope about their future. Success is attainable for these individuals – as well as your remaining employees and your company as a whole – when tailored outplacement support is a priority.

By engaging in outplacement services, you can effectively navigate the entire process with a knowledgeable partner by your side – making what feels impossible truly attainable.

Completing a RIF that actually benefits separated employees, remaining employees, and your company is a completely attainable goal.

As you develop our SMART outplacement strategy, ensure success is ATTAINABLE by engaging in the right outplacement services. Here are five essential components to look for:

1. Tailored Plan.
No two organizations are exactly the same, so it’s critical to set aside cookie-cutter approaches to outplacement services. You need a strategic partner who will help you craft a customized plan that addresses your unique needs—both now and into the future.

2. Innovation.
An outplacement strategy that doesn’t harness the power of technology is incomplete. Online tools for job search, career and skill assessment, interview preparation, and market trend research are the gateway to your separated employees’ new direction.

3. Personal Approach.
Notifying managers will have multiple questions on how to best deliver the news. Team leaders will need help managing change after the downsizing and restructure. And separated employees will need one-on-one career support to step into what’s next for their career. Personalized outplacement services will address all of these areas, partnering with you, your remaining employees, and your separated employees to provide a personal touch during turbulent times.

4. Comprehensive Support.
Reducing staff is best viewed as a large-scale project—one that demands attention before, during, and after notifications occur. Successful outplacement services will see the process through until your separated employees have successfully transitioned and your company has fully recovered.

5. Social Savvy.
It doesn’t take long for fear and negativity to spread through a company in the wake of a reduction in force, and those conversations don’t just happen around the break room water cooler. A thorough outplacement services strategy will help you protect your brand’s reputation, which ultimately protects your remaining staff.

What will success look like for your company in the midst of change? Clearly define your priorities to determine a strategic plan for attaining them.

For more SMART outplacement insights, download our eBook: The SMART & Compassionate Guide to Reducing Your Staff.



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