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Strong Start for 2016 as Job Seekers Stay Focused in Holiday Season

Strong Start for 2016 as Job Seekers Stay Focused in Holiday Season

The holiday season was busy at IMPACT Group – for more reasons than the traditional holiday festivities, shopping, and dinner parties. When we shared 5 Reasons Not to Let Your Job Search Fizzle During the Holidays, our customers took it to heart. 

“Our career coaches saw a noticeable uptick in job seekers applying for new postings and conducting interviews between Thanksgiving and the New Year,” says Tanya Fite, Manager of Relocation Delivery Services at IMPACT Group. “The myth that job searches should halt during the holidays simply isn’t true.” 

Three career coaches across the U.S. share their experience:

Jane Weadock – Seattle-based Career Coach

“I encouraged my clients to network at any functions they attended in November/December, and it paid off. Several of my clients were able to transfer to a new office with their current employer or land long-term assignments / contract work with staffing firms. 


I also advised clients to continue applying for new positions and resubmit their résumé to job postings they had already applied to. The Seattle area job markets are strong right now, and new opportunities pop up every day.”

Carrie LeMahieu – Dallas-based Career Coach

“Many of my customers remained diligent during the holidays. They kept looking, applying, and following-up to stay ahead of the game. I think follow-up was the biggest key! I even had folks get offers between Christmas and New Year, and one client interviewed on the Monday right after New Year’s Day. It was not a slow time by any means. Job seekers saw results.”

Jim Wojtak – St. Louis-based Career Coach

“The overall economy is moving forward, and as the U.S. continues to be a global and e-commerce economy, the holiday periods represent less of a downtime than they have in the past (just look at the number of retail stores open on Thanksgiving night now!).


My clients who continued to apply for new leads during the holidays received calls very quickly. In some cases, interviews were set up within a few days. I think it goes back to the fact that executives tended to be in the office and not traveling or working on other projects during this time. This means hiring becomes a priority.


For 2016, it paints a good picture for hiring activity. It does not mean a candidate can walk in and get any job…but it does mean there are more opportunities to interview, more positions to choose from, and more ability to negotiate salary and benefits.”

2016 is shaping up to be the year of the job seeker. Stand out from the competition and sharpen your job search skills with advice on sprucing up your LinkedIn profiledemolishing informational interview roadblocks, and negotiating key benefits.

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