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The Cold Hard Facts about Employee Engagement

The Cold Hard Facts about Employee Engagement

It’s time we faced facts, employee engagement is not just a catchphrase. Forbes recently uncovered the cold hard facts on employee engagement — 70% of employees aren’t engaged their jobs. These detractors are emotionally disconnected from their workplace and more likely to drive customers away.

Yet, for the 30% that are engaged, employees reported higher productivity, lower turnover and increased job satisfaction.

So how do you get your employees more engaged? Here are seven ideas:

  1. Let them throw a bucket of ice on your CEO (for a good cause). Encourage your staff to blow of some steam and take the ALS #IceBucketChallenge! IMPACT Group’s CEO Lauren Herring accepted the challenge, and then passed the bucket back to her employees.
  2. Get everyone outside and moving. Sponsor an employee bowling league, kickball team or softball tournament. Sports can be great team builders, even for the spectators.
  3. Cut out the commute. The Forbes study found that those who were permitted to work from home showed higher overall engagement scores. Help them balance work and life better.
  4. Celebrate whenever possible. Don’t wait for Christmas to get festive. Invite employees to bring their kids into the office for Halloween trick-or-treating. Host an Independence Day bar-b-que. Give employees their birthday off. Or participate in “bring your parents work day” this November.
  5. Make it easy to contribute to a common goal. Start a community puzzle in the lunch room. Then glue the finished works together and hang them in communal areas.
  6. Group selfies! Take funny team photos and hang them around the office. This cultural addition will foster camaraderie and relationship-building within departments.
  7. Improve relationships with managers. Help your team leads communicate more effectively and empower their employees. Consider expert-led workshops devoted to high impact leadership.

To get more from your employees, it’s time to open up the dialog with your employees. Ask them what will get them fired up with energy, enthusiasm and creativity!

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