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The SMART and Compassionate Guide to Reducing Your Staff

The SMART and Compassionate Guide to Reducing Your Staff

Reducing staff doesn’t have to be debilitating.

Creating a plan that actually benefits your separated employees, remaining employees and your company while reducing staff is a completely attainable goal. By developing a SMART and compassionate plan, you can empower your company and your people toward success.

IMPACT Group is your guide to lead with strategy and compassion when reducing staff.

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– Address specific details.
Measure meaningful outcomes.
Attain positive results, even through a difficult season.
– Attend to the relevant threat to your brand.
Empower separated employees through a timely transition.

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Move Through Reducing Staff with a Strategic Partner

Establishing a solid plan for navigating a reduction in force reduces risk and stress during a very difficult time. As you evaluate your company’s mission, future direction and business reasons for reducing your workforce, our RIF Checklist creates a clear path toward success for your company. Our strategic and thorough project management provides a seamless process to align with your goals and put your entire team at ease. Learn more about our Strategic Planning program here.

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