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Unlocking Your Potential: 4 Questions to Help You Identify Your Passions

Unlocking Your Potential: 4 Questions to Help You Identify Your Passions

Work should be more than a paycheck. It should be a place where we are learning, growing, and contributing every day. It should inspire us to want more from ourselves and from others. It should leave us knowing our true values and capabilities. It should unlock your potential.

But in the nitty gritty, 9-5 of life, work might feel a whole lot like – well, work. When you are in the trenches, how do you find that spark again and unlock your full potential to transform work from a paycheck to a passion?

These four questions can help you discover how to use your passions to thrive at the office:

1. What drives you?

When you first wake up in the morning, what drives you to get out of bed? What brings you sheer joy and puts a smile on your face? Use those ideas as inspiration to do your best no matter the project. From creating reports to implementing new products, every task has a purpose and a positive impact on the work you do. Identify your driving force, and then tap into it when you need a boost in confidence, energy, or creativity.

2. What do you love about your company or job?

Take a step back to view your company and your job as a whole to remember what you love about it. Focusing on the day-to-day tasks might cause you to dwell on current frustrations, inefficiencies, or difficult team members. By maintaining an over-arching view of your career with the company as a whole, you will be able to see the values, missions, and projects/products that attracted you to the company in the first place.

Determine what you love, then find ways to inject more of that into your day. This might mean volunteering to serve on a committee or task force, approaching your boss about a new idea, or looking for opportunities within a new department.

3. Where do you find the most joy in your workday?

We are all gifted with different talents. Maybe one of your gifts is organization or leadership or innovation. When you think about all the hats you wear, which one matters the most to you? And how can you use it to better support your team and your company?

4. What do you often wish you were doing?

If the paycheck was removed from the equation, how would you spend your time? While it is not realistic to incorporate all of your passions into your day job, it is possible to zero in on one or two that can open up opportunities you haven’t previously been exposed to, such as spearheading a cross-functional project or advancing within your division.

Staying engaged and passionate about your work might require a little bit of thinking and soul searching, but the rewards of knowing you are contributing in valuable ways can make all the difference in maximizing your job satisfaction and unlocking your potential. After all, you spend between one third to one half of your day at the office. Make it meaningful.

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