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Webinar: Insights on a Compassionate Approach to Firing Someone

Webinar: Insights on a Compassionate Approach to Firing Someone

Your Reputation is on the Line

Companies tout that their people are their most important asset.

But what happens when they lay off hundreds of employees? The effects are felt by exiting and remaining employees alike, and by you – their leader.

Join Dr. George Kohlrieser – renowned hostage negotiator, psychologist, and author – and Ed Chaffin of IMPACT Group as they explore the importance of secure base leadership during difficult downsizings.

Watch our webinar to:

+ Preserve your reputation (and your company’s!) as a caring leader during challenging times.

+ Recognize the loss and grief cycle everyone experiences when they lose their job.

+ Discover how restructurings and downsizings affect remaining employees.

+ Increase your EQ and performance during times of conflict or loss.


Dr. George Kohlrieser, Professor of Leadership at IMD

Ed Chaffin of IMPACT Group

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