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What’s Really Causing Your Job Search Frustrations?

What’s Really Causing Your Job Search Frustrations?

A job search can be a daunting activity. Lack of response from employers, rejection emails, and interviews that lead to nowhere are disappointing, especially when they happen over and over again.

It’s not a secret that employers love hiring positive people. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed with your job search, your state of mind will reveal itself – no matter how hard you try to hide it. As a career coach, I see it repeatedly with my clients. Desperate and frustrated candidates take longer to find jobs, while optimistic candidates get hired right away.

Take a moment to consider: are there other things driving your frustration? Are those things holding you back in your job search?

Sometimes circumstances can be less than favorable.

Career disappointments can come in many forms: maybe the demands of the market have changed, perhaps you do not have enough experience, or possibly there aren’t many jobs available in your field. Trust me, adversity can be conquered. It may take longer than you anticipated, but you will find something eventually.

What I have discovered in my many years as a career coach is that current market conditions are rarely the main cause of your job search frustration. The biggest effect on your attitude is typically related to something that happened with your previous or current employer. Often times, we choose to avoid or ignore negative situations, with the hope that finding a new job quickly will fix it all. It rarely works that way.

Acknowledge the root issue.

You may feel negative if your previous position was terminated or eliminated, you were too miserable to continue working there and quit, or you are still employed there but desperately want to leave. Things like this affect how you approach your job search. They even make a difference in your confidence as well as your ability to position yourself as a valuable candidate.

And naturally, if you’re in a prolonged job search, this negativity will grow over time. I believe it’s best to express your feelings instead of pretending they don’t exist, or worse, don’t matter.

Let’s talk about what you can do instead.

Having strong emotional support is essential during this process. What really helps is leaning on someone whom you can talk to. Find someone who can listen and really understand what you’re going through without any judgments or expectations.

Consider engaging with someone who is not your significant other or a friend. This will allow you to get a fresh perspective, and it provides an opportunity to be really candid about what you’re experiencing. A career coach can remain neutral and won’t blindly advise you on what to do. And they are experts at job searches, meaning you’ll receive advice and tips you likely haven’t considered.

Above all, you need to feel acknowledged, validated, and valued. Surrounding yourself with people who see your potential is a great way to change your perspective. And taking time to evaluate your situation and get honest about what is driving your frustrations is a revealing exercise. A positive attitude is essential in your job search – not only for your personal well-being, but also for your success in landing your ideal job.

Once you put your finger on the real issue, you can better manage your attitude and approach to your job search. And all that positivity will put you on the road to success fast!

Contribution by Katherine Bouglai.

Katherine is a dynamic Career Coach who guides professionals at all levels through career changes and believes that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled with what they do for living. She has a passion for coaching and psychology, particularly as it applies to people’s core values, unique talents, and career choices.

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