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Women in Leadership Workbook: Analyze Gender Diversity

Women in Leadership Workbook: Analyze Gender Diversity

How will you help close the gender gap?

Use this Women In Leadership Workbook to assess the current state of your company’s gender diversity.

Today’s workforce demands a new normal. Now’s a great time to ask, “What’s the gender balance of our leaders?”

Advancing more women in the workplace is a strategic investment for your business – delivering higher ROI, ROS, and ROIC. Understanding your current state is your first step to increasing the amount of women in leadership roles. Our Women In Leadership Workbook provides a starting point for you to determine which areas in your organization need attention.

How ready are you to address gender imbalance and empower your high-potential women? Download our workbook to review your:

» Overall Workforce
» Career Development Programs
» Hiring Practices
» Development Needs

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