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Words Can Hurt: 5 Tips to Protect Your Online Reputation

Words Can Hurt: 5 Tips to Protect Your Online Reputation

Social Media — it’s the soapbox of our generation. Love your job? Share it! Got let go? Unleash your fury in 140 characters or less.

What your exiting employees say on social media can hurt your organization. A bad online rep affects employee morale and detracts from your ability to recruit top talent. As an HR leader, it is your responsibility to protect the company image and employees. Here are five tips to protect your organization:

  1. An Ear to the Ground. Monitor what is said about your organization with tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, iWebtools and Tweetdeck. A frequent audit of your search engine results is another cost-effective means to get a pulse on your organization’s online reputation. Or ask your social media manager to share the data with you.
  2. Respond. Quickly. Reply to positive comments and, more importantly, resolve negative posts quickly. Don’t try to address disgruntled ex-employees halfheartedly in an attempt to kill the conversation. Instead, share your intent to make things right and actually implement those changes. And follow your company’s social media guidelines in all online conversations.
  3. Find Your Flag-Wavers. These walking brand ambassadors can give your company the positive online evaluation it needs to attract new customers and top-tier employees. Retweet affirmative comments, and don’t forget to thank promoters for their loyalty.
  4. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.Ensure your posts put your best foot forward. Sarcastic and frank remarks may not come across as such by your readers. It is important to re-read your posts from a fresh perspective prior to going live.
  5. Teach them. Give exiting employees outplacement support programs that show how to use their LinkedIn network and Twitter account to land their next gig!

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