Layoff Plan for Company Recovery

Put careful thought into a layoff plan that leads company recovery to minimize stress for everyone.

Don’t forget about your remaining team members after a layoff.

As part of your layoff plan, it is essential to communicate with remaining employees as soon as possible.

Our checklist will guide you on why company recovery needs to be part of your layoff plan. Discover how to:

– Schedule and facilitate group meetings and one-on-ones.
– Address the restructuring of departments.
– Remain open and available to address ongoing questions and concerns.

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Include Leading Through Change as Part of Your Layoff Plan

IMPACT Group understands the importance of training managers within affected areas on how to effectively handle change management within their departments. Our Leading Through Change training guides managers to immediately engage with the remaining employee population; communicate the vision of the new organization; and remain highly visible and readily available to remaining staff members as they process the change and cope with mixed emotions after the downsizing. Change can be debilitating without strong leaders, and the focus of this session is to equip managers to lead the change with confidence and sensitivity. Contact us to learn more today!

Recovery After A Layoff

Start planning today.

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