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New: Priority IMPACT Coaching™ for leaders during these challenging times. Learn more here!
                  Priority IMPACT Teams™ for teams experiencing barriers during uncertainty. Learn more here!

Leadership Development Programs You Can Implement Now

Coaching – A 2020 Business Imperative to Focus & Build Skills

Today’s emerging business environment is challenging us all. Your leaders may develop feelings of isolation and even helplessness as they confront unprecedented situations. Senior executives have less time to mentor and coach. What’s the answer? IMPACT Group’s leadership development programs, which can be delivered virtually.

Our Programs Focus on Change, Resilience, Metrics, & Diversity

We offer five programs that can be adapted for virtual delivery: Priority IMPACT Coaching™ – a program that pairs leaders with expert coaches to build confidence and focus leaders’ attention on the most critical and urgent priorities in the here and now; Priority IMPACT Teams™ – a team development program that builds positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust to maximize team performance; Women in Leadership – whose participants include female leaders as well as the men and women who manage them; High IMPACT Coaching – for high-potential leaders at all levels; and Executive Coaching – for key executives. These programs achieve measurable results and ROI. 

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New for 2020: Leadership Coaching for the Here & Now

Priority IMPACT Coaching™ Program

6 High-IMPACT Sessions with a Leadership Coach to Boost Leader Resilience

The global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed some organizations into a trajectory of high growth, while others are struggling to reignite their momentum. Your leaders need support and reassurance as they manage through these extraordinary times. IMPACT Group’s Priority IMPACT Coaching™ program gives your managers access to a leadership coach who will be a valuable sounding board to help guide them through the urgent and unprecedented challenges they’re facing now. 

Explore our Priority IMPACT Coaching™ program.

Priority IMPACT Teams™ Program

Empower Virtual Teams to Accelerate Performance Despite Uncertain Times

The pandemic has many companies working from home full time – many for the first time. Even in the best of situations, teams struggle with reducing performance gaps, conflict, and loss of productivity. Add in the stress of uncertainty, changes in the business, and disconnected team members working remotely – it is imperative for teams to intentionally build positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust in order to maximize team performance and overcome barriers. IMPACT Group’s Priority IMPACT Teams™ program improves and accelerates team collaboration, engagement, performance, and trust during uncertain times.

Explore our Priority IMPACT Teams™ program.

Leadership Coaching Programs

Women in Leadership™

Close the Executive Gender Gap with a Women Leadership Program

Why do you need more women at the top of your org chart? Because tapping all talent is a competitive advantage. Leveraging all genders allows organizations to benefit from a wide range of ideas, insights, and skills.

In addition to creating an inclusive and diverse environment, companies with more women executives see a 46% higher Return on Equity, 60% higher Return on Invested Capital, and 84% higher Return on Sales. More women leaders are a solid investment strategy.

Explore our Women in Leadership program.

High IMPACT Coaching

Build Your Succession Pipeline of Emerging Leaders

You’re surrounded by untapped potential in your organization. You already have people who are eager to do more—be more—than they currently are. This proven program drives ROI based on a variety of metrics – including the business results of strategic capstone projects. When supported, challenged, and coached, your leaders achieve results. 

Explore our High IMPACT Coaching program.

Executive Coaching

Boost the Leadership Qualities of Top Executives

There’s a reason Olympic athletes work with a coach – to improve performance. One-on-one executive coaching builds new strategic approaches, develops business EQ, and enhances their ability to motivate organizational behavior. The results are transformative leadership capabilities.

Explore our Executive Coaching program.

Our Leadership Development Approach

Our Approach to Leadership Development Programs

There’s No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Leadership Training

We promote professional growth with actionable development plans and personal coaching programs that improve the leadership capabilities of any member of your team. We create effective leadership with:

  • Employee-centric focus to enhance engagement, improve retention, and build a robust talent pipeline.
  • Leadership solutions that embed leadership psychology into the culture of your organization.
  • Integrated learning models to escalate the mastering of new skills, behaviors, and habits.
IMPACT Group's process will be instrumental in improving employee engagement throughout our organization.

Our Integrated Coaching Model

Coaching is the Amplifier

We’re Flexible and Experienced in Pairing Our Expertise to Your Needs

IMPACT Group tailors unique coaching sessions to amplify learning and accelerate employee success. This personalized, professional development creates leaders who drive collaboration and deliver impressive business results.

A personal coach is at the core. Development of an Action Plan kick-starts the program after discussions with both the program participant and his/her manager. Our integrated approach focuses heavily on experience learning with activities and stretch assignments, complemented by learning from others and resources. It’s the best mix for long-term results.

Integrated Learning Model

Grow Your Business with Leadership Development Programs

IMPACT Group offers leadership development programs for employees at all levels in their careers. We leverage our expertise to transform the workplace, delivering Women in Leadership, High IMPACT Coaching, and Executive Coaching programs at organizations around the world.

Clients across the globe work with us because of our ability to generate measurable business outcomes from their leadership development programs. Want to showcase meaningful results? Contact us today.

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