Executive Coaching Overview

Develop Your Top Talent

When it comes to leadership, there’s really no finish line. Key players at the top of your org chart can benefit from coaching opportunities designed to accelerate their personal and professional competencies. For both high-performing leaders who are self-motivated to cover new ground and long-established executives who may need to develop improved habits and overcome derailing issues, Executive Coaching can activate rapid growth and turnaround.

Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about mildly supportive chats over coffee – we’re talking about personalized, one-on-one, breakthrough-level engagements. For that reason, IMPACT Group carefully matches your leader with a highly skilled, executive coach to ensure their relationship will be candid and productive. Then, for the next six to nine months, your leader and their coach will work through a strategic process focused on results that align with your organization’s goals.

Executive Coaching, IMPACT Group

Actionable Executive Coaching that Yields Results

A one-on-one Executive Coach empowers leaders to build self-awareness, develop a strategic approach, grow their EQ and enhance their ability to motivate teams in order to drive transformational results. Through the process, they gain invaluable insight into their next-level leadership potential, enjoy enhanced success with their teams and experienced heightened overall effectiveness. This is achieved through dedicated coaching engagements with an Executive Coach, structured framework for coaching engagements, assessments and a personalized action plan.

How It Works

  • Dedicated engagements with executive coach
  • Structured framework with semi-monthly coaching commitments
  • Birkman Method® and 360⁰ Assessment
  • Personalized action plan
  • Option to involve executive’s leader

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Actionable Executive Coaching that Yields Results

Through one-on-one Executive Coaching, your leaders will:

  • Gain insight into their potential. Your executives will experience heightened overall effectiveness while discovering their full potential.

  • Drive success. By improving overall effectiveness, leaders are better positioned to deliver exponential results for your company.

  • Develop improved self-awareness. Executives will discover and learn how to break through potentially derailing actions and behaviors.

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