Priority IMPACT Coaching™

Empower Leaders to Be Effective & Focused Despite Uncertain Times

The global pandemic has some companies in high growth mode, while many others are struggling to find the restart button. IMPACT Group's Priority IMPACT Coaching™ program gives your leaders access to an expert leadership coach to act as a sounding board and provide input as they work through challenges faced during these extraordinary times. 

Invest in Key Leaders to Address Priorities & Ensure Retention

Executives need to offer support to their key leaders, but they can’t be on every call as their teams think through detailed strategies and action plans. Solution? Engage with an IMPACT Group Priority IMPACT Coach. 

IMPACT Group’s Priority IMPACT Coaching™ will help your team distill their challenges into clear, actionable priorities and next steps.

During the 6-session program, participants will receive just-in-time leadership coaching to address the specific situations and challenges they face right now. The program is participant-driven so leaders can focus on and resolve their most critical issues and needs. Sessions will be held weekly or bi-weekly, offering a cadence that is best suited to the participant’s situation.

We’ve proudly coached leaders in many organizations:

Leadership Coach

Why invest in a leadership coach for your directors, managers, and front-line leaders?

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes and disruption, leaving leaders faced with unexpected challenges like:
• Leading during restructuring
• Leading during unexpected growth
• Establishing trust and transparency after workforce disruptions
• Developing EQ to support team members during turbulent changes
• Managing personal stress while leading others or newly formed teams

We can’t afford to ignore the needs of our key business leaders now – in what’s become a new age of conducting business. While budgets may be too tight to dole out meaningful recognition bonuses, even a small investment in coaching can boost your team’s resilience. A coach will help drive toward clarity and focus as your leaders strategize their plans and move forward faster. And your investment reassures them; it’s a powerful statement to the potential and long-term value you see in your leaders.

Partner with a leadership coach to foster rapid resolutions for your leaders’ key challenges.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and how leadership coaching can help your leaders be most effective as they tackle challenges from the pandemic. 


Our Priority IMPACT Coaching™ Program Includes:

  • One-on-One Leadership Coach
  • 6 Sessions Held Weekly or Bi-Weekly
  • Expert Guidance on Immediate Leadership Challenges
  • Just-in-Time, Participant-Driven Agendas to Elevate Leadership Abilities for Current Situation

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