Priority IMPACT Teams™

Empower Virtual Teams to Accelerate Performance Despite Uncertain Times

The global pandemic has many companies working from home full time – many for the first time. Even in the best of situations, teams struggle with reducing performance gaps, conflict, and loss of productivity. Add in the stress of uncertainty, changes in the business, and disconnected team members working remotely – it is imperative for teams to intentionally build positive team culture, psychological safety, and trust in order to maximize team performance and overcome barriers.

IMPACT Group’s Priority IMPACT Teams™ program improves and accelerates team collaboration, engagement, performance, and trust during uncertain times.

Invest in Team Development to Reduce Performance Gaps & Conflict

Priority IMPACT Teams™ is a dynamic, interactive virtual development program that improves and accelerates team collaboration, engagement, performance, and trust during uncertain times. Building Team EQ™ and awareness of self and others through a series of dynamic workshops plus the iMap Assessment that leverages  Birkman results, teams reduce performance gaps, conflict, and loss of productivity.

Unlike other assessment tools that focus only on observable behavior, iMap Assessment provides robust insights relating to our strengths, interests, motivational needs, and stress behaviors during uncertain times. Priority IMPACT Teams™ leverages these insights to build team psychological safety, trust, and collaboration. 

We’ve proudly coached in many organizations:

Team Development

Why develop your teams?

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes and disruption, leaving teams faced with unexpected challenges like:
• Unplanned growth
• Furloughs or layoffs
• Team reorganizations
• Changing roles
• New leadership & business demands
• Uncertainty & loneliness

Team development has the ability to minimize non-productive conflict, build positive team norms, enhance connections, and increase team engagement. A small investment now can lead to stronger, more engaged teams ready to tackle 2021.

Leverage team development to foster rapid resolutions for your teams’ key challenges.

Contact us now to discuss your needs and how applying Team EQ™ can help your teams be most effective as they tackle challenges from the pandemic. 


Our Priority IMPACT Teams™ Program Includes:

  • Three Dynamic Online Team Sessions
  • iMap Assessment with Personalized & Detailed Report
  • Individual & Group Pre-Work/Post-Work to Apply Concepts
  • Creation of Team Common Agreements / Charter

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