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Leverage Team EQ to Drive Organizational Results

In business environments, team collaboration is the new black. Projects once handled by individual employees are now tackled by teams of people, often from across departments. All that diversity inspires creativity and innovation. But it can also complicate decision-making and create conflict. For maximum team performance, we can develop these individuals to leverage differences and manage conflicts that negatively affect the decision-making process.

Program Overview

Unleash Team Potential with Team EQ

Improving team emotional intelligence, or Team EQ™, is the key to creating more efficient, effective teams. High IMPACT Teams™ builds the emotional intelligence of your teams so they work at their best. Through one-on-one coaching, the Birkman Method® Assessment and a tailored workshop, your employees learn to better understand each other’s styles, needs and preferences – and most importantly, to trust one another. As a result, your team will strengthen their emotional intelligence and become more cohesive, more committed and more productive. To create lasting results, the interactive, blended learning workshop will build skills in five stages:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-management
  3. Awareness of others
  4. Managing relationships
  5. Leading self and others

How It Works

  • Single-day, or day-and-a-half interactive workshop
  • Team-building activities, with an option to add a community support project
  • Birkman Method® Assessment and debrief
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Individual action plans
  • Follow-up application activities

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Accelerate Team Performance

Tailored to your executive, management or employee teams, High IMPACT Teams will empower your leaders and team members to:

  • Develop awareness. As employees better understand themselves and the people they work with, your teams will flourish.

  • Welcome new team leaders and members. Your team members will explore emotionally intelligent on-ramps that best care for both new employees and existing team members.

  • Improve communication. Your talent will enhance their understanding of their team members' personal work styles.

  • Proactively manage change. Employees improve the speed and effectiveness with which they manage change and related decision-making.

  • Build trust. By identifying and eliminating barriers to trust in your organization, employees develop stronger bonds that lead to greater success.

  • Achieve measurable results. During the workshop, your team will assess their current interactions so you can measure Team EQ over time.

  • Reduce non-productive conflict. Participants will gain the ability to uncover the true source of conflict before it derails projects.

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