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Having women in leadership roles is more critical than you may realize. According to Catalyst, companies with more women executives see a 46% higher Return on Equity, 84% higher Return on Sales and 60% higher Return on Invested Capital. We can’t think of a more solid investment strategy.

Program Overview

Accelerate Women in Leadership through Coaching

Although women are entering the workforce at a higher rate than men, they’re significantly under-represented in the upper tiers of organizations. That’s not just unfortunate; it’s bad business. Research is clear that more diverse executive teams drive better performance. By identifying current and future high-potential women leaders and coaching them to leverage strengths and develop new capabilities, your company will see dramatic results.

As a second-generation, woman-owned business, IMPACT Group takes women’s development personally. Our Women in Leadership™ coaching program applies our three-part career accelerator model to coach women to recognize and enhance their personal effectiveness, business acumen and corporate visibility. One-on-one coaching and a tailored development plan empower women to reach their full potential and influence. Through cohort coaching circles, women are able to encourage and challenge one another as they share best practices, tips and tools. The women’s managers and company senior leaders can also play a key role in investing in and developing current and future women leaders.

Yahoo! Finance Video: It’s a Business Issue, Not Just a Women’s Issue

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How It Works

  • Individualized one-on-one coaching
  • One-on-one coaching for participants' managers
  • Access to self-assessment tools, such as 180° career accelerator, MBTI or Birkman Method®
  • Individual development plan
  • Cohort learning experiences with virtual coaching circles on key topics related to women's development
  • Senior leadership support opportunities
  • Optional onsite kick-off and wrap-up events

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A Critical Move for Your Succession Pipeline

With the Women in Leadership program, you will:

  • Invest in high-potential women. Position high-potential female talent for growth at your organization.

  • Increase effectiveness of current women leaders. Engage current female leaders to maximize their reach.

  • Accelerate career development. Foster opportunities for women to strengthen their skills and increase their corporate exposure.

  • Support business success. Build a gender-balanced workforce, tapping the full potential of women in support of business success.

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