Multicultural Team EQ™

Grow Global Team Performance & Develop Strong Multicultural Competence

Strong multicultural competence and effective global team performance are critical to business success, now more than ever. Research shows that culturally diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the national industry median. Business benefits are numerous when your diverse teams are given opportunities to fully leverage their strengths. In fact, 39% of organizations plan to increase their cross-cultural training in 2021 so diverse groups of people can work more effectively.

Establish High Performance Relationships while Increasing Team Unity

Leveraging IMPACT Group’s proprietary Team EQ™ framework and coaching improves multicultural competence while building your team’s emotional intelligence and cultural agility. Our Multicultural Team EQ™ program introduces new insights to help teams communicate, collaborate, and innovate at their best. 

Multicultural Team EQ™ is best suited for intact teams of people from different global backgrounds who are ready to increase multicultural competence and address team challenges through a cross-cultural lens.

IMPACT Group’s program begins with each team member completing a personal cross-cultural assessment, followed by a dynamic, interactive virtual 3-hour team session.

Multicultural Competence

Invest in Your Diverse Teams to Enhance Effectiveness

Through this program, your team will: 

  • Develop multicultural competence and awareness. As employees better understand themselves and the people they work with, your teams will flourish.
  • Improve communication. Your team will enhance their understanding of other’s cultural preferences and personal work styles.
  • Build cultural agility. Learning ways to relate to other cultural styles enables employees to develop the trust teams need to succeed.
  • Reduce non-productive conflict. Participants will gain the ability to uncover and address potential cross-cultural sources of conflict.

Team EQ

Partner with a multicultural expert to overcome team challenges and grow multicultural competence on your diverse teams. 

Contact us now to discuss your needs and how Multicultural Team EQ™ can help your global employees be most effective.  


Our Multicultural Team EQ™ Program Includes:

  • Personal Cross-Cultural Assessment & Report
  • 3-Hour Team Session Facilitated by Cross-Cultural Expert
  • Development of Team Common Agreements

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