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Your Outplacement Support Plan for Empowering Employees

With comprehensive outplacement support from IMPACT Group, you can prepare management for difficult discussions and provide former employees with more than a notification letter. One-on-one professional coaching and emotional support will truly make an impact throughout the process. Our outplacement job search programs are designed for employees at all levels in their career. For those exiting your organization, we empower them to secure the best opportunity based on their career goals and their timeline. This includes creating a job search strategy, preparing a professional resume, and optimizing their LinkedIn profile. In addition to working one-on-one with a personal career coach, employees leaving your organization will have access to our online career center and job search portal. 

Professionals Discussing Outplacement Services

And for your company, our outplacement support will guide you through reducing the risks of separating employees while protecting your company’s brand. From the moment we partner with you, we make sure we understand what’s most important to your company. Our strategic and thorough project management provides a seamless process to align with your goals and put your entire team at ease. From reviewing the four phases of outplacement to ensure your company is prepared to educating managers on how to deliver the notification message, IMPACT Group is by your side to minimize issues and disruption. Explore all that our outplacement support programs have to offer. 

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