Complete Guide to Outplacement Services

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services and outplacement programs are offered to employees who are separating from the company usually due to a reduction in force, cost cutting programs, mergers, restructuring or other changes. Even employers with low turnover – fewer than 20 departures a year – can benefit from the use of an outplacement program.

Outplacement assistance has evolved drastically over the years, going well beyond help with resumes. We offer job search coaching, including digital strategies for building an online, personal brand. Outplacement is typically employer-paid, because the employer benefits when the employee “lands” happily and quickly. Positive outplacement outcomes reduce unemployment expenses, promote positive morale for the remaining workforce and leave the door open for redeployment – rehiring a former employee to fill a future opening.

Outplacement Services as a Tool to Build and Protect Employer Brands

Most importantly, employers want to protect their employer brand. They want to continue to recruit top talent. Outplacement services elevate the employer’s standing as an ethical corporate citizen, and can make it less likely that the departing employee will post negatively online on sites such as Glassdoor, Comparably and CareerBliss – powerful platforms that offer employer reviews.

From routine separations to large downsizings, IMPACT Group’s programs have you covered. Our virtual delivery model means we can respond quickly to your needs – even during these uncertain times.


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Reduction in Force

How to Plan a Reduction in Force that Benefits Your Company & Exiting Employees

HR is in a Critical Role During This Time of Disruption

Leveraging outplacement services before, during, and after a reduction in force or downsizing makes a beneficial difference for everyone involved. You’re tasked with protecting your company’s brand, addressing legal concerns, and supporting separated employees. Our Strategic Planning Checklist covers all aspects of outplacement services:
•  Make the Decision
•  Plan & Prepare
•  Notification Day
•  Company Recovery

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Notification Day

How Do You Communicate a Reduction in Force to Employees?

It’s vital to prepare managers who will deliver the news

“You want me to do what?” is likely their first thought. Proper training ensures managers can deliver the hard news.

Our Manager Notification Checklist outlines how to:
•  Treat exiting employees with dignity and respect
•  Reduce the likelihood of litigation
•  Minimize trauma for the remaining staff

We'll Provide Support and Advice for Layoff Notification Day

Onsite coaches to provide immediate support

Our onsite coaches and resources will make the day easier for everyone. One-on-one career coaching and emotional support will truly make a positive impact as exiting employees process the news and create an action plan.

This is how we immediately move your former employee through their career transition after a reduction in force.

Choose the Outplacement Solution for Your Situation

Career Transition Coaching

From creating a résumé or CV that will wow a potential employer to coaching entrepreneurs on starting a new business, our one-on-one approach means every employee has the guidance and support they need to make a career transition with confidence. In addition to a personal career coach, employees leaving your organization will have access to our online career center and job search portal.

Learn more about the program here. 

Executive Transition Coaching

Executives face unique challenges when moving their careers forward after a layoff. IMPACT Group’s Executive Transition Coaching program is a personalized and transformational process that focuses on each individual’s complex needs to deliver positive results. During the program, your former executives will be positioned to quickly transition to their next meaningful career.

Learn more about the program here. 

Strategic Planning

Avoid potential problems or roadblocks before they start with upfront planning. From the moment we partner with you, we make sure we understand what’s most important to your company. Our strategic and thorough project management provides a seamless process to align with your goals and put your entire team at ease.

Learn more about the program here. 

Manager Notification Training

With IMPACT Group’s training, your HR team and managers will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and language they need to deliver a clear, compassionate message to separated employees on notification day. The right training and support can reduce the negative effect a layoff or reduction in force has on your culture and productivity.

Learn more about the program here. 

Redeployment Assistance

Restructuring a department doesn’t have to mean losing all of your valuable employees. While certain positions are eliminated, new opportunities abound within different sections of your business. Our Redeployment program effectively prepares employees to identify new positions within your organization so you can retain your talent during times of transition.

Learn more about the program here. 

1:Me Coaching

1:Me Coaching Approach

Our 1:Me Approach

Your outplacement program is never one-size-fits-all! IMPACT Group delivers quality, consistency, and personalization for each exiting employee with a centralized Service Delivery Model and process. This level of customization is unmatched. It’s more than one-on-one coaching. We call it one-to-me.

This means your company and your people come first and are never given one-size-fits-all services. This includes:
•  Personally selected coaches based on needs, location, and job search goals.
•  Customized action plan based on established career goals.
•  Centralized process that ensures quality and consistency, while giving coaches the freedom to personalize each program.
•  Ability to pause and restart programs at any time.

Company Recovery

After the Reduction in Force, What Happens Next?

We help you guide the remaining team through the recovery process

Now is not the time to drop the ball. Reductions in force and downsizings affect everyone in your company – even your remaining staff. Here’s your guide to managing remaining employees. Download our Leading Company Recovery Checklist.

Partner with IMPACT Group to Develop Your Strategic Outplacement Plan

From large downsizings to routine separations, we are your expert partner who guides you towards a promising future for exiting employees and your company. IMPACT Group’s Outplacement Programs assist leading companies around the world by coaching employees through every career transition. No matter where your business is located, our global reach enables us to support downsizings big and small.

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