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Career Transition Coaching

Support Your Exiting Employees

As exiting employees look to what’s next in their careers, an IMPACT Group career coach will provide support and guidance from beginning to end. With a diverse team of coaches in all corners of the world, we can offer unmatched expertise across locations and industries. We carefully match your employees, at all levels in their career, to a dedicated coach who will enable them to achieve their career goals quickly.

Program Overview

Empower Separated Employees with One-on-One Coaching

From creating a résumé or CV that will wow a potential employer to coaching entrepreneurs on starting a new business, our one-on-one approach means every employee has the guidance and support they need to move their careers forward with confidence. In addition to a personal career coach, employees leaving your organization will have access to our online career center and job search portal. The portal is an interactive, industry-leading career tool that includes:

    1. Daily Job Leads
    2. Virtual Interview Tools
    3. Salary/Offer Negotiation Resources and Strategies
    4. Career/Skill Assessment Tools
    5. Online Webinars and Videos
    6. Big Data Tools to Identify Target Companies
    7. Innovative Tools to Connect with Hiring Managers

Career Coaching Overview

How It Works

  • Individualized one-on-one coaching
  • Needs assessment to tailor coaching to personal career needs
  • Ongoing support and resources until employees successfully transition
  • Career path exploration, including retirement and entrepreneurship coaching
  • Access to Big Data technologies to identify target companies and job leads
  • Résumé, CV and cover letter development
  • Innovative tools for connecting to the right hiring managers
  • Interview and salary negotiation coaching
  • Social networking guidance

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A Positive Impact on Your Employees

Career Transition Coaching for separated employees will:

  • Reduce unemployment time and taxes. Career Coaches guide employees to land a new position in half the time of the national average.

  • Maintain your reputation. Proper communication will help you reduce any negative impact on your company’s reputation.

  • Increase positivity. Staff will leave with a more positive, supported outlook of your company and remaining employees will find comfort knowing their co-workers are taken care of.

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