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Connect Employees with Internal Opportunities

Restructuring a department doesn’t have to mean losing all of your valuable employees. While certain positions are eliminated, new opportunities abound within different sections of your business. Our Redeployment program effectively prepares employees to identify new positions within your organization so you can retain your talent during times of transition.

Redeployment Overview

Tailored Coaching for an Internal Job Search

An internal job search takes careful preparation. By pairing separated employees with an expert career coach, they will assess their transferable skills for redeployment, identify open positions within different areas of your organization, create dynamic résumés that speak to their accomplishments and prepare for internal job interviews. Together, we will champion your employees to find opportunities within your organization through our Redeployment program.

With over 200 career coaches throughout the US and around the world, IMPACT Group matches your exiting employees with their coach based on their unique needs, geographic location and the coach’s area of specialization. Through local expertise and real-time assistance, coaches help employees build career resiliency, fine-tune their career strategy and move forward with
a transition plan. 

How It Works

  • One-on-one coaching to prepare for internal job search
  • Assessment of transferable skills and career objectives
  • Résumé/CV development
  • Interview simulations and preparation
  • Access to proprietary career portal with interactive tools on all aspects of job search

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Support Career Transitions within Your Company

Offering Redeployment for employees affected by a division restructuring will:

  • Retain valuable talent. Employees will receive the support they need to secure a new opportunity at your company – meaning you keep their valuable experience and expertise within your walls.

  • Avoid cost of onboarding external talent. Transferring your employees to a new internal position eliminates the cost and hassle of sourcing external talent.

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