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Relocation Assistance for Dual-Career Families & Singles

Focus on the Real Reason Top Talent Says Yes to Moving

Relocation assistance should entice the right talent to move to the right location. But which relocation assistance will most likely motivate your relocation candidates to say yes? Mobility professionals today know that it’s not just about dollars to buy and sell homes and cover moving costs. Studies show that household issues and spouse/partner employment are the two most-often cited reasons for turning down a relocation offer. In other words, today’s employees want to know what’s in it for everyone in their household. Even your single employees have unique challenges that can lead to a failed relocation if left unaddressed. IMPACT Group provides a strategic solution: new location integration assistance for employees and those who accompany them on the move.

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Relocation Assistance Benefits

Improve the Results of Your Global Relocation Policy

Increase Relocation Success for Everyone in the Home

If you’re in charge of providing your employees with relocation assistance, you have a big job. Not only are today’s couples most likely to both be wage earners, but they are also more likely to be at parity with respect to their earning capability and level of ambition. More than ever, you need to inspire both of them to see the career and household benefits of moving. With IMPACT Group, you have a dedicated team of worldwide coaches ready to improve the results of your global relocation efforts by helping everyone in the household envision an exciting opportunity ahead. Together, we can increase acceptance rates and empower employees and families to integrate into their new lives quickly.

Relocation Programs

IMPACT Group’s Relocation Assistance Programs

With a program designed for your company and global relocation policy, your employees will have an experienced team by their side before, during, and after the relocation. Our coaches bring industry expertise, local knowledge, and personal insights from their own relocations. Explore our relocation assistance programs for employees and everyone in their household. 

Relocation Assistance, Program Chart

New Location Integration

Simplify Relocations for the Entire Household

Moving for career reasons is an exciting prospect. At the same time, relocations are full of unknowns. Our New Location Integration assistance focuses on the key aspects of moving that will make the transition to a new city or country smooth for everyone in the household. With a dedicated coach to support their needs before, during, and after the move, employees and their household will receive one-on-one support to address the personal and professional aspects of their relocation.

Discover the relocation benefits of New Location Integration assistance here.

Spouse/Partner Job Search

Career Support for Spouse/Partner & Accompanying Talent

Relocations often fail without proper career assistance for the talent who will accompany an employee during the relocation. Dual-career couples comprise 62% of U.S. families. Recovering the second income after relocating is vital for the household’s success. Commonly known as spousal assistance, this program is expanding to include career coaching for adults in the employee’s household beyond a spouse or partner.

Learn more about the program here.

Global Career Continuation

Personalized Support for Every Career Need

Support for global moves can pose a particular challenge in some locations. Our global career experts will help your accompanying talent maintain career momentum in their chosen field, evaluating potential challenges and opportunities while identifying positive options when a global job search is not an option in the new country.

Learn more about career continuation options here.

Impact Group is flexible, timely. We effectively collaborate to administer great programs.

Cross-Cultural Training

Improve Relocation Success with IMPACT Group

Cross-Cultural Training is crucial to the relocation and retention success of your international assignees and spouses. Culturally competent individuals are typically more open to different perspectives, foster empathetic communication, and create spaces of innovation. In order to effectively settle into diverse cultural hubs or a new country, assignees and spouses/partners need expert cross-cultural training throughout their relocation. Our program melds coaching with cross-cultural theory to transform learnings into more successful, globally aware behaviors.

Discover the benefits of supporting cross-cultural needs. 

Repatriation Integration

Repatriation Management Done Right

For a global assignment, you’ve invested significant time, energy, and resources into highly skilled employees. This makes individual support crucial during repatriations to retain and maximize your key talent when they return home. Our repatriation program will empower employees and their households to take positive steps forward as they wrap up an assignment and prepare to return home.

Discover the benefits of creating global plan for repatriations.

Group Move Assistance

Help Employees Make the Decision

Relocating entire offices or headquarters requires careful planning to retain your top talent and ensure a successful group move for all. Our Group Move Assistance centers on helping your staff see the benefits of relocation. By helping you retain the largest number of your current employees, you will spend less time acquiring new talent and more time restarting with an established team dynamic in the new location.

Explore how you can move as a team.

Relocation Decision Assistance

Guide Employees to Make the Right Decision

Recruiting your first-choice candidates for a relocation and increasing your relocation acceptance rate is a challenge. Employees face the difficult task of making life-changing decisions that affect so many aspects of their and their families’ lives. As employees wonder how successful they’ll be in a new location, what will happen to their spouse/partners’ career and how their families will react, Relocation Decision Assistance can help them make confident, informed decisions.

Explore all this program has to offer.

Our 1:Me™ Approach

Global Coaching Programs Uniquely Tailored to Your Relocation Policy

There’s No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Relocation Assistance

Our global coaching approach creates uniquely tailored programs for each individual’s needs. This level of customization is unmatched. It’s more than one-on-one coaching. We call it one-to-me (1:Me™).

This means your company and your people come first and are never given one-size-fits-all services. This includes:
•  Personally selected coaches based on needs, location, and job search goals.
•  Customized action plan based on established relocation and/or career goals.
•  Centralized process that ensures quality and consistency, while giving coaches the freedom to personalize each program.
•  Ability to pause and restart programs at any time.

1:Me Coaching Approach

Our Delivery Model

Contemporary Model for 21st Century Job Seekers

Coaching Complemented by Technology

With 200+ relocation and career coaches across the globe, we’ve got you covered. After working with you to tailor relocation assistance to suit your policy, we make sure our career coaches are ready to go – even in remote locations. That’s the flexibility of working with IMPACT Group.

Our contemporary service delivery model is a best practice for delivering exceptional coaching exactly how a job seeker wants to receive it. This virtual model means participants are constantly connected to their dedicated career coach. We incorporate cutting-edge technology, tools, and resources to complement our one-on-one coaching.

Partner with IMPACT Group to Empower Your Transferees

Increase productivity during and after a move by addressing the holistic needs of the employee and their household in your relocation policy. With reduced stress and greater agility, your employees will reach peak performance faster. Contact us now to discuss your unique relocation needs.

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