The People Perspective
on Relocation

3,078 People

54 Countries

372 Clients

Surveying 3,078 relocating employees and spouses/partners we supported across the globe from Q1 2016 to Q2 2017, we questioned:
Are they more productive, happier and engaged when they receive relocation support services?

If they receive IMPACT Group’s services, the answer is more likely to be yes.

Let’s start with the six main trends we learned from our “relocators.”

Employees ramp up and reach peak productivity faster when they receive Integration Support.

Personal Career Development is the driving force for relocation acceptance—not promotions or compensation.

Employees who relocate report extremely high levels of engagement.

Percentage of Relocating Employees Reporting High Engagement at Work

97% of Millennials rate their relocation a success, despite the newness of it all.

Dual-income partners substantially increase job search skills with Job Search Coaching and Assistance.

Percent Increase of People with Above Average Skills

When offered Integration Assistance, the whole family saves time—and they’re happier, too!

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